• Valuation

    ‘My company is worth much more than you would think at first glance.
    But how do I prove it?’


Value is a relative concept - until the moment that you need to prove the value of your company on paper. You may need to do so because you want to convince a new investor, for example, or to reinforce the shareholders’ confidence during the annual general meeting. Maybe you want to acquire a company or transfer your company to your heirs, etc. Or you might want to calculate how much your company could increase its value. Because that’s the objective at the end of the day, isn’t it?

So, there are more than enough reasons to have the objective worth of your company calculated or to implement value-based management. Anyone who knows his or her company’s market value will not let himself or herself be trapped - and knows when there is room for improvement... and how!

Determining such value is exactly what our Corporate Finance Department experts are all about. That’s how we’ve already managed to assist hundreds of companies in recent years, companies of incredibly diverse sectoral backgrounds, both large and small. It’s in basing ourselves on generally accepted methods and by using (inter)national databases, that we can accomplish this.

What are you looking for?

An experienced, independent team of experts that provides you with objective advice and guidance in:

valuing your company or intangible fixed assets and intellectual property rights (IPR) for the following purposes:

  • negotiations with potential partners
  • mergers
  • group restructuring
  • disputes
  • donation and succession
  • ‘fairness opinions’
  • ‘impairment testing’
  • ‘Purchase Price Allocation’ (PPA)
  • stock option plans
  • etc.

creating added value for your company, thanks to an internal six-step plan.

We have a six-step plan - our Value Enhancement model - which was developed to determine the value of your company and create added value, in which we consider the most relevant financial drivers for your company (such as EBITDA margin, the need for operating capital, the cost of borrowed capital, income tax rate, etc.). We partner closely with you to determine the best actions to create the highest added value and roll them into an effective plan of action, one that is pragmatic and feasible. This may or may not require the support of our experts in organisational, strategic, financial, legal, tax, etc. fields. It’s up to you to tell us what you need.