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  • ‘Sometimes after a job or an evaluation interview, I’m still not always sure who I’m really dealing with.’

HR Screening Tools

Have you ever calculated the time that you (or your HR team) invest (invests) in job or performance interviews? You actually don’t want to know. We do though, because we are certain that you will save loads of time and money, thanks to our HR screening tools: all that without cutting into quality, even if we develop everything customised to the needs of your business or organisation. In fact we guarantee that we’ll crank it up a notch.

Standard and customised

Our Human Capital specialists previously worked as researchers at the KU Leuven and create their HR screening tools on the basis of scientific models. They adjust existing standard tools according to your practical needs and requirements or they draw up a test specifically written to suit your company. This will be presented in the most viable format that is best suited to you: paper, audio, video , etc. or a combination of any of these. Above all, the style will be in keeping with your corporate culture and its employer branding. The idea is to minimise any resistance and to get results that are actually useful and valuable to your strategy.

What’s more, HR tests or tools have the advantage that they measure or test every employee or candidate in a standardised way. This is also more objective than an interview. Moreover, tools are extremely handy if you need to question large groups - take satisfaction surveys among customers or employees, for example. Finally, you should know that all our surveys and tests are available online, meaning you can use them anywhere and whenever you want, with or without our experts’ support. They help you every step of the way, from design, to implementation, through to the analysis itself.

You’re looking for...

A tool or test for acquiring insight into:

  • what stimulates and is an incentive to the motivation of (candidate) employees (Professional Motivation Survey);
  • what management style best suits you (Leadership Style Questionnaire);
  • what professional personality characterises an employee (Adforum Professional Personality Survey)
  • what learning potential your employees have (Abstracte Redeneertest);
  • what the skills and points of development are of a job applicant or employee with a view to education and training (Situational Judgement Tests);
  • etc.