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  • ‘Who gets which job? When and why? I want to base my decision on objective criteria. Leave guesswork out of it.’

Talent Management

‘Developing talent is business’s most important task - the sine qua non of competition in a knowledge economy.'

We can’t express it any better than Peter Drucker, Professor on organisation and management. It is only with the right people, with the right talents for the right job that your company or organisation can stay agile, build up a lead... grow. At the same time, your employees will also stay satisfied and motivated. Bottom line, everyone wins: your company, the employees, the customers, the shareholders, etc.

Effective talent management starts with correct screening. What in-house skills does your company or organisation have? By using that ‘mapping’, we come alongside your own HR people to develop an adjusted individual development plan for your employees, a career development path for the high potentials, etc.

The point is then to know (and recognise), permanently develop and adjust skills - tailored to your company, that is. However, whether you have the specialised tools, knowledge and scientifically underpinned techniques in the company to do so, is a completely different matter. We do already. This is the talent and strength of our Human Capital team. Because we have many years of experience and a sound track record, we screen people in the most diverse organisations and our specialists develop the skills of your employees and (future) managers.

Expertise on demand and practice-oriented

The Human Capital specialists master the most advanced tools and techniques and work according to scientific, innovative methods(*) which often lead to refreshing insights for both you and your employees. What’s more, they combine the know-how with many years of coaching and training experience. It’s up to you to choose the expertise you need: practice-oriented, fine-tuned to your exact request, and easy to apply too. After all, your employees still have to be able to process it and enjoy it too.

Three cornerstones

Essentially, talent management is based on three cornerstones:

  1. identifying skills, motivation and growth potential of the candidates or employees. To do so, we use various techniques (interviews, simulation exercises  ‘Assessmentoefeningen’>, tests, etc.) in our ‘Assessment and Development Center’ , according to and based on the exercises that we develop ourselves within the scope of your particular objectives;
  2. a 360° survey. This is the ideal tool (adjusted to the practical needs of your organisation) to efficiently and quickly gather feedback on your employees/managers and the way in which they function. The input is derived from the most diverse sources, such as colleagues, teams, employees, managers, customers... and from self-evaluation. We interpret the results as a whole.
  3. Talent & Leadership Development Talents are developed and honed by means of particular coaching programmes and training courses. These are pragmatic within the scope of your company’s growth strategy.