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  • ‘The strategy has been clearly defined in black and white, but how do I put it into practice so that every employee applies it too?’

Business Transformation

What is a solid strategy worth if it doesn’t saturate all the layers of your organisation or company? Surely the aim of the strategy is not only to serve as a point to be discussed by the board of directors? It has to be converted into operations by way of processes and systems that are applied by people within clearly-defined structures. It’s only then that strategy also generates real gains in efficiency, better service, etc. In a nut shell: added value. And that’s something our specialists can assist with. They have the expertise - and many years of experience with the most diverse companies - to put strategic objectives into practice, in tangible, result-oriented processes, systems and structures that encourage employees to do their best.

People within structures: making progress through processes

Processes and systems are what allow your strategy to actually permeate the very DNA of your organisation, so that it stimulates purpose-driven behaviour. That’s on the condition that such processes are meticulously fine-tuned to the strategy. However, you cannot translate an objective into a process overnight. This requires deliberation, understanding and clear communication throughout the entire company. Our specialists help to establish this entire dynamic in sound process management.

And it doesn’t stop there. The structures must also follow suit. The way in which your company organises itself, in which different departments cooperate, how decisions are made (centrally or de-centralised)... in other words, managing structures, is at least as important as controlling and managing processes... and people. After all, the best results can only be achieved by deploying people with the right qualities for the right and full tasks that maximise one the value of their competences. That also requires knowledge of hard and soft skills, of their motivation and of their input. That is why our experts go for a sustainable approach and provide solutions in the field of feasible operations and the deployment of an innovative labour organisation... in brief, smarter working or just being and staying lean.

Change and progress

Above all, don’t lose sight of the financial reality. You do not stand much of a chance of changing or making any progress if you don’t have sufficient means. That’s why your financial objectives need to be clearly and transparently identified. As is the case with your processes, structures and people, they form a critical component of success - and yield - of your strategy.

The road to change is extremely fragile. As a matter of fact, in the first place, it’s a human process of letting go and embracing. That is exactly why we put a great deal of effort in working with and through your personnel, and we effectively provide assistance towards achieving the improvements you want. Your people, the heartbeat of your company or organisation, become the owners of the change.

It’s important to keep in mind that what works today, may only partially or no longer work at all tomorrow. Keep your finger on the pulse and be guided by accurate data and up-to-date information. In that way you avoid investing in services that fail to deliver on the promises made. The aim is to focus on those services that really create an added value, and to knowledgeably make effective and sustainable strategic decisions, also in times of permanent change. Questions? Our team of multidisciplinary experts (organisation and HR, strategic, juridical, tax, legal, operational, etc.) are at your service.