• “Running a business is taking risks: surely I can’t cover my business against every single possible risk?”

Risk Advisory

Speaking of risks in business is admitting that not everything in the business always runs smoothly and predictably. Which is an inherent factor of doing business. It is crucial to keep the risks under control as much as possible. Better still, to convert them into opportunities. If something does go wrong, you want to restrict the damage or impact to the minimum. So do we. The essence of effective risk management  is not so much to eliminate risks as it is to map them out, to assess them correctly and to keep the most important risks under control.

A crucial question that you need to ask yourself is “Did we take the right measures to keep the most important risks of the business under control and are they working properly?”. A well-planned internal audit reveals a great deal and helps to manage your risks correctly - all of them. It offers the most important stakeholders of your business more insight, security and confidence. But the question is, does this mean that you really have all the auditing skills you need? The specialists at BDO can temporarily or structurally jump in to help (with a full or a specific audit), based on your needs. Moreover, you know that objective and independent advice shape the foundation of any successful internal audit. We guarantee you a clear, neutral and constructive perspective on your entire organisation or business.

Let us zoom in on the real plague of the current digital world: fraud and cybercriminality.  Of course, we don’t want to make your blood run cold, but you can’t take enough preventive measures with regard to fraud detection systems and cybersecurity. What’s more, an expert will approach your security or control systems from a different perspective. Together, we will detect your weak spots, refine your control systems and make your risks easier to manage. Our forensic professionals currently have at their disposal a wide range of tools, techniques and training courses to detect and conduct in-depth investigations of issues. They’re just waiting for you to call on their services!