• Process Mining &
    Process Optimization

    ‘My gut feeling tells me that my business processes
    are running optimally and in line with the relevant standards.
    But what do the facts say?’

Process Mining & Process Optimization

You had all your business processes defined, down to the minutest detail. On paper, everything is running like clockwork. Not a step too far or any bypasses that are foreign to your systems. Still, the lead times for your sales processes seem too long, and your staff complain that they lose valuable time on unnecessary procedures. Or 10% or more deliveries do not reach your customers on time - insofar as they are even fully invoiced. Admit it, everyone has a list of bottlenecks that they are confronted with.

Process mining aims to unearth the digital traces that are recorded in IT systems (often automatically); what we call ‘events logs’ or the chronological registration of the actions performed by a system. Your databases are, in fact, genuine treasure troves chock-full of valuable process information. Why not use them to identify and streamline the actual processes, and to identify bottlenecks and optimise processes?

Based on facts and data

A blueprint often deviates from the ideal process and generally fails to sufficiently provide for possibilities to flexibly deal with the various steps involved. This is even often the case for customised solutions. Moreover, processes evolve with your business, and your staff may build alternative routes into your systems, albeit with the best intentions. Our specialists use Fluxicon’s Disco process mining engine to identify these alternative paths. They provide insight into the actual process versus the process that was initially described, based on facts and data. So it puts an end to intuition!

Improvement process

Process mining like this digs much deeper than any ‘human’ approach. It can bring information to light that would otherwise rarely or never surface: information that our specialists can really use to improve the quality of your automated processes and your workflow, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the efficiency of your organisation.