• SOC2/SOC3, SOC2+ and Privacy Assurance

SOC2/SOC3, SOC2+ and Privacy Assurance

In safe hands

Yes, you’ve got it right. A TPA report offers undeniable advantages. In a global business climate as fast-paced and interconnected as it is today, their value proposition is becoming undisputed. An attestation provides much needed insights into key processes, how these processes (and related risks) are managed, and whether security measures and regulatory requirements are in line with best practices and/or applicable regulations. 

Other than ISAE3402 - SOC2 and SOC3 reports do not report on processes that are directly relevant from a financial reporting point of view, but rather on the security, availability, integrity, privacy, and confidentiality objectives of an organisation.

For organisations that are confronted with (security) compliance needs that go beyond those of the 5 standard objectives mentioned previously, the SOC2 framework allows you to enhance your report and integrate additional frameworks such as NIST, ISO27001 and CCM-CSA. Enhancing your SOC2 report to a SOC2+ allows you to streamline and apply more focus in your compliance efforts, limiting the strain and overhead on your daily operations to a minimum.

Increased regulatory pressures – such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which entered into force in 2018 - resulted in a significant increase of questions from customers in relation to data privacy and how service providers ensure compliance with this regulation. Through SOC2 reports or a dedicated Privacy Attestation these domains are addressed.

In short, these types of attestations will give your clients all the assurance they need, allowing them to confidently place their business and data in your hands.

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