• Cyber Security

    “Most of the companies are sufficiently aware
    of the cyber risks they face. However, they do
    not take enough concrete measures in order
    to limit them. Which actions do I have to take
    to be sufficiently protected?”

Cyber Security

An insight into your cyber security

At BDO, we feel that cyber security is not just an instrument. Instead, we believe it involves a combination of good security awareness, a clear view of risks, and adequate and appropriate security measures that are continuously updated and/or improved. We believe that good cyber security measures must take the three main building blocks for effective and efficient cyber security into account: people, technology and processes.

We offer our customers various services for each building block, each with a coordinated and technical approach. This results in clear recommendations and specific actions to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and security of your data and systems.


Technical security measures within organisations are growing at a rapid pace, as is the related technology. This is leading attackers to a new approach in which they attack the weakest link in an organisation: the employees. Experience shows that in many successful cyber-attacks employees inadvertently granted access to cyber criminals. So, the human component turns out to be an alluring access point for cyber criminals.


Cyber threats continuously grow in size and complexity, and the risk of being attacked as an organisation has increased significantly over the years. The right technology in the right place, periodically tested by an ethical hacker, is therefore essential for your organisation. This way, you gain insight in in the weaknesses of your technologies and how to improve them. 


In almost every organisation, technology drives the company forward. However, technology and the people who use it don’t work optimally without a solid foundation. This solid foundation, or your IT processes and procedures, are at the heart of your organisation. Through processes, you as an organisation can steer the behaviour of your employees in order to reduce the risk of data leaks or unauthorised access. However, it is not a one-off effort; the cybersecurity landscape is continuously changing, so the processes must also be adjusted periodically.


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