• Fraud detection

Fraud detection

Detecting fraud and misconduct in a timely manner

Preventive measures can prevent most, but not all fraud cases. Hence there is a need to detect errors, misconduct and fraud before they become too big or, worse still, become a norm or culture.

Our BDO experts apply an integrated approach to master data, process-oriented data and transactional data. Our service consists of process mining and proactive data analysis.

Process mining

A process that is clearly defined and designed in advance has less inherent fraud risks. It is only when this process is not followed that these derogations leave opportunities for fraud. BDO has the tools to analyse your process data in such a manner that we can quickly detect the anomalies, which leave an opening to fraud, and advice on the necessary adjustments to be made.

Proactive data analysis

One of the most common types of fraud in 2019 is invoicing fraud. This can only occur by inadequate management or changes made to your suppliers’ master data. We can analyse these data to reveal suspicious data or changes.

We can also analyse your transactional data, which record your purchases and sales, income and expenses, in more detail to reveal the anomalies.

Conflicts of interest

In these times of globalisation, it has become even more important to know with whom you do business. BDO can investigate companies with whom you do business.