• Litigation


Forensic investigations as a step towards prosecution

The BDO experts are fraud auditors, but also statutory auditors and specialists of internal control processes. Thanks to their experience, they are able to assist your legal advisers with any disciplinary, criminal or civil actions.

The services offered by BDO are:

  • Assessment of financial damage

Your company can face disputes with business partners, a fire, the loss of a real estate project, an embezzlement, the unilateral breach of the concession of sale or any other event which has a negative impact on your assets. Our experts can rely on a large experience in assessing financial damage, profit loss and loss of opportunity, in all types of sectors (industrial, banking, insurance and retail sector).

  • Technical support

During the lifetime of your company, it will sometimes be necessary to evaluate the accounting, tax and social impact of an embezzlement. You might also need to reconstruct the transactions made by implementing a commercial agreement in order to define the amounts due to your company. Our experts will give you the support needed to defend the rights of your company in the best possible way.

  • Mediation

When signing a commercial agreement, the parties insert more and more often a contractual provision allowing the use of mediation in order to resolve potential disputes. Our experts can rely on a large experience in mediation. They can accompany you during the whole process.