• Whistleblowing


The effects of the pandemic and other global trends are having an unprecedented impact on the way companies have to organise themselves. These trends can open the door for fraud and unethical behaviour. Organisations and regulators are becoming more aware of the reputational damage that a (suspected) fraud can cause in these times of abundant, fast communication and social media. 

As of December 17, 2021, all private or public organizations with more than 250 employees and municipalities with 10,000 or more inhabitants are subject to the European Whistleblower Directive (2019/1937). This directive focuses on protecting the rights of the whistleblower in the context of work-related misconduct. Organisations must have a secure and effective reporting channel that guarantees the confidentiality of the whistleblower and allows anonymous reports.

A high-performance whistle-blowing system can be set up in a pragmatic and proportionate way, with BDO as your partner:

  1. Consulting & implementation
    1. We can help you with a tailor-made policy or bring your current policy in line with the new European Directive and implement it. This way you can receive confidential or anonymous reports from whistleblowers through letters, telephone or website
  2. Case Management
    1. Analysing and processing whistleblower reports in a timely manner by trained case managers
    2. Periodic reports based on standard dashboards to those responsible within your organisation
  3. Investigation
    1. Carry out an independent investigation in response to a received report and appropriately report this to the management

Discover in our brochure how BDO can help you set up a whistle-blowing system in a personal and pragmatic way. You can find more information about our forensic services here.