• Internal Audit

    ‘The internal audit covers all my risks
    in line with best practices. Doesn’t it?’

Internal Audit

Who are we to point out the value of a clearly thought-out internal audit to you? It’s a great tool to help you achieve your organisation’s goals, streamline processes so that they will be more efficient and effective, gain operational strength and correctly asses and manage all (!) your risks. To put it briefly: an internal audit will bring you more insight, security, confidence, and above all, peace of mind.

Of course, your organisation may already have its own auditing department, or an in-house auditor, but the question is: does this mean you really have all the auditing skills you need? Are they tailored to the needs of your business or organisation? And if they are, do your people have enough time to perform their complex and company-wide assignment with the same amount of expertise in all areas?

Tailored to your needs

The specialists at BDO will be happy to offer immediate assistance tailored to your needs (full outsourcing of the internal audit function or a specific audit). Moreover, you know that objective and independent advice shape the foundation of any successful internal audit. We guarantee you a clear, neutral and constructive perspective on your entire organisation or business, or for a strictly defined field. Just imagine auditing an IT system, which requires a highly specialized knowledge. Our multi-disciplinary organisation allows us to provide you with a team of specialists in every field. It’s up to you to choose the expertise you need.

Grounded in tried and true methods

An internal audit demands discipline and a systematic approach, which is why BDO has developed a coherent five-step internal audit method, based on the guidelines issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIAI).

What are you looking for?

  • The set-up of an effective internal audit function;
  • Specific internal audit assignments, such as an IT audit;
  • Risk assessment and internal audit planning;
  • Internal audit co-sourcing and outsourcing;
  • Quality assessment of your existing internal audit function.