• IT Audit

    ‘IT is strategically of such importance that every improvement
    will also help your business move forward.’

IT Audit

Is your management team justified in complaining about the tardy and expensive delivery of IT projects? Is there anything we can do about this? An audit offers objective insight into how IT supports your business and business processes, while identifying possible points for improvement. Are your IT risks sufficiently covered by your IT processes (e.g. in the field of continuity and information security)? And don’t forget risks associated with supporting ERP or self-developing systems.

You have an internal audit department or an in-house auditor. Perfect! Do either of them have enough specialist knowledge or experience to conduct a thorough IT audit, let alone the time for an in-depth investigation to assess whether the IT organisation and systems correspond to the strategic needs and goals of your organisation?

Tailored to your needs

Our IT audits aren’t assembly line fare. Are you surprised? We roll them out, fully tailored to your demands. Our IT auditors are experienced professionals with thorough business and IT insights, and they set to work very pragmatically. It’s entirely up to you to decide where their help is really needed.

  • System audits: are your systems (often ERP) adapted to your business processes? In audits like this we often make use of process mining techniques.
  • Infrastructure audits: does the IT infrastructure guarantee continuity and security of systems and information?
  • Organisation and process audits: are your IT organisation and processes adapted to the needs of your organisation?

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A solid foundation and certified

Our audits are conducted in accordance with the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and CoBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) standards, and our IT auditors are certified ‘Information System Auditors’ (CISA), each of whom is a first-rate specialist ready to brainstorm with you. No audits simply for the sake of an audit, but rather with a practical purpose for your organisation's specific needs: correct, clear and (cost) efficient.