• Tax & Legal

Keeping up with a constantly evolving tax and legal landscape requires a great deal of your time and attention. Whereas you would prefer to invest all this energy in your company’s growth. And you are absolutely right. So why not leave this job to tax and legal experts? Don’t expect tax or legal “reference works” from us. Instead we offer practical recommendations that are phrased in layman’s terms and are legally sound. No fiscally aggressive cutting-edge technology... but sustainable, long-term solutions. No ready-made services, but workable solutions that are tailored to your business, in consultation with your accountant, registered auditor or any other partners.

Our team of experienced tax consultants and tax experts is made of generalists and specialists who work seamlessly together. While the generalists focus on all-round solutions, from the broader perspective of business-economical or private equity legal needs, our specialists focus on complex subdomains, such as VAT, international tax law, and the tax and social-legal aspects of employment and family asset planning.

Our tax experts work together in multidisciplinary teams with our legal advisers and vice versa. At both the national and international level. Thanks to our global network, BDO is familiar with the tax and legal regulations that apply in over 150 countries. We even have dedicated country desks for a number of countries (USA, UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and China).