• Customs services

Customs services

Companies often associate customs with a negative connotation as it often imposes various obligations that, at first sight, do not seem to offer any benefits. 

Our experts are glad to convince you otherwise. They help companies to align governance, processes, human capital and technology and tp come out as winners.  

Discover the services we offer you and find the most efficient way to establish your customs success story.  .

We can help you with advice, screening, guidance en trainings.



A quick Google search gives you an abundance of information. However, that information is not always sufficient to answer all your questions. That is because a lot depends on the details and the specific situation of your company. Although information and advice may be closely related to each other, they are fundamentally very different.

Our BDO experts acknowledge this problem and bridge the gap between the two. With their objective and expert eye, they help you get started both with customs-related questions and with current developments that make their mark on the playing field on which you are active. Of course, there will always be that one question that is more urgent than another. This is why BDO offers a Trade Helpdesk that allows you to get an answer to a question in the very short term that simply cannot wait until tomorrow.

Trade Helpdesk

On-demand support: customs, VAT, excise

Customs issues

  • Tariff classification
  • Determination of origin
  • Customs warehouse
  • Customs valuation and optimisation, including interaction with transfer pricing
  • Permit management: application procedure, changes in permit, relevance assessment
  • Import and export control

Topical issues

  • Impact of COVID-19 measures
  • Preparing for the consequences of Brexit

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World trade is constantly growing, and how! Companies with multinational or cross-border activities must therefore always ensure that, with their complete supply chain and strategic decisions, they tackle any problems correctly to avoid risks and costs. And there are more than enough risks. No matter how well you organise your customs activities, they come under a very strict legal framework that creates a great deal of complexity.

It is therefore extremely important that you have insight into the manner in which your organisation operates. The fines that may result from non-compliance have both very high financial consequences and far-reaching criminal consequences. In addition, you must organise everything as efficiently as possible to stay one step ahead of your competition. It is no simple matter! At BDO, we therefore focus on customs-related screening that takes both the compliance aspect and efficiency into account.


  • Customs (import, export and transit)
  • Tax & Excise duties
  • Pre-declaration and post-declaration process
  • Customs competences
  • Brexit impact


  • Customs functions (assessment of people, processes, technology and policy), with focus on cost savings
  • Customs competences
  • (Digital) Supply Chain
  • Customs-driven business process and cost-saving analyses



As a result of internationalisation, customs has gained an ever more prominent business position. Consequently, this aspect, which is strongly influenced by the legislation, can no longer be viewed separately from the other business processes. Businesses are therefore obliged to integrate customs into their daily activities as efficiently and effectively as possible.

It is no easy task because customs is very interwoven in all business aspects. This is why our BDO customs team is committed to tackling inefficiencies in your supply chain. Do you not have the people available (or the right people available) in your company at the moment to get started with this? No problem, you can count on the many years of expert experience of our experts.


AEO certification

  • Progress of the application process
  • Transformation into new functioning
  • Monitoring of AEO compliance: development of internal control measures/systems and notification of changes
  • Renewal of the permit (3-year follow-up audit)

Digital supply chain solutions

  • Warehouse and stock management (inware and outdoor drone solutions)
  • Data management and application integration (RPA/ API/ IPA)
  • Customs Process Governance and Management (Pre & Post) (RPA/ API/ IPA)
  • Digital supply chain architecture (end-2-end approach)
  • Intelligent document management (AI/ ML)

 (Interim) Management support

  • Customs and excise
  • Indirect tax
  • Supply chain and operations


  • Compliance with forthcoming UCC obligations
  • Development of internal SOPs and internal/external SLAs

Individual Fiscal Representation (IFR) for third-country parties




If you carry out customs activities, you are bound by a strict legal framework that brings with it a large amount of complexity. Your business performance and legal compliance therefore depend very much on the knowledge and competence with which your employees perform their daily activities.

Make use of our BDO customs scan in order to gain insight into the competences that are present. Or take a look at our extensive training offer. It contains a wide range of training courses that are fully tailored to your company and the needs of your employees.



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