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A quick Google search gives you an abundance of information. However, that information is not always sufficient to answer all your questions. That is because a lot depends on the details and the specific situation of your company. Although information and advice may be closely related to each other, they are fundamentally very different.


Our BDO experts acknowledge this problem and bridge the gap between the two. With their objective and expert eye, they help you get started both with customs-related questions and with current developments that make their mark on the playing field on which you are active. Of course, there will always be that one question that is more urgent than another. This is why BDO offers a Trade Helpdesk that allows you to get an answer to a question in the very short term that simply cannot wait until tomorrow.

Trade Helpdesk

On-demand support: customs, VAT, excise

Customs issues

  • Tariff classification
  • Determination of origin
  • Customs warehouse
  • Customs valuation and optimisation, including interaction with transfer pricing
  • Permit management: application procedure, changes in permit, relevance assessment
  • Import and export control
  • Topical issues
  • Impact of COVID-19 measures
  • Preparing for the consequences of Brexit