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As a result of internationalisation, customs has gained an ever more prominent business position. Consequently, this aspect, which is strongly influenced by the legislation, can no longer be viewed separately from the other business processes. Businesses are therefore obliged to integrate customs into their daily activities as efficiently and effectively as possible.


It is no easy task because customs is very interwoven in all business aspects. This is why our BDO customs team is committed to tackling inefficiencies in your supply chain. Do you not have the people available (or the right people available) in your company at the moment to get started with this? No problem, you can count on the many years of profound experience of our experts.

AEO certification

  • Progress of the application process
  • Transformation into new functioning
  • Monitoring of AEO compliance: development of internal control measures/systems and notification of changes
  • Renewal of the permit (3-year follow-up audit)

Digital supply chain solutions

  • Warehouse and stock management (inware and outdoor drone solutions)
  • Data management and application integration (RPA/ API/ IPA)
  • Customs Process Governance and Management (Pre & Post) (RPA/ API/ IPA)
  • Digital supply chain architecture (end-2-end approach)
  • Intelligent document management (AI/ ML)

 (Interim) Management support

  • Customs and excise
  • Indirect tax
  • Supply chain and operations


  • Compliance with forthcoming UCC obligations
  • Development of internal SOPs and internal/external SLAs

Individual Fiscal Representation (IFR) for third-country parties