• Screening


World trade is constantly growing, and how! Companies with multinational or cross-border activities must therefore always ensure that, with their complete supply chain and strategic decisions, they tackle any problems correctly to avoid risks and costs. And there are more than enough risks. No matter how well you organise your customs activities, they come under a very strict legal framework that creates a great deal of complexity.

It is therefore extremely important that you have insight into the manner in which your organisation operates. The fines that may result from non-compliance have both very high financial consequences and far-reaching criminal consequences. In addition, you must organise everything as efficiently as possible to stay one step ahead of your competition. It is no simple matter! At BDO, we therefore focus on customs-related screening that takes both the compliance aspect and efficiency into account.


  • Customs (import, export and transit)
  • Tax & Excise duties
  • Pre-declaration and post-declaration process
  • Customs competences
  • Brexit impact


  • Customs functions (assessment of people, processes, technology and policy), with focus on cost savings
  • Customs competences
  • (Digital) Supply Chain
  • Customs-driven business process and cost-saving analyses