‘I want to retain control over my delivery times and costs
    and do not want national borders or administration to become obstacles.’


Avoid VAT surprises

VAT is living material. In a globalising economy and a climate in which regulations are subject to constant change, you need to have constant access to the most recent information. This is, of course, a question of not letting an opportunity pass you by - or, in other words, paying too much. Or of being faced with unpleasant surprises because your company - in good faith, mind you - failed to satisfy all its administrative obligations properly. Our specialists are on their game, even when extremely urgent matters crop up, and always within the boundaries of international or national law.

Far-reaching changes to the customs landscape

Tightened customs checks at the borders are intended to heighten security of the flow of goods. Of course, that is to everyone’s advantage. But will this result in more paperwork? Delays at the border and therefore longer delivery times? Not necessarily. You could have your company certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO - ‘safe and reliable’). This will mean fewer checks and simplified procedures.

The AEO assessment is only one of the ways in which our experts can help you with issues related to customs and excise duties (from the classification of goods and rates (Binding Tariff Information, BTI) to customs duties), pragmatically and - more important - tailored to the needs of your company. You should also be aware that since 1 May 2016 the customs system has changed profoundly, which is why it is time to guarantee the continuity of your export and/or import flows or processes, or identify new risks and challenges and work out solutions. Doing this proactively will minimise the impact on your results.

An international team of VAT and customs experts

Thanks to its global network, BDO is thoroughly familiar with the regulations that apply in more than 150 countries, in and outside of the EU. Our Belgian team can rely on the support of a wide network, and so can you and your company. For a number of countries, BDO even has a special country desk (USA, UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and China). You get clear advice on all aspects in the field of VAT, customs and excise duties, whether domestic or international.

BDO will help you with what you’re looking for

  • A proactive VAT or customs review (your company’s check-up, which includes due diligence investigations)
  • Recommendations on ways to optimise VAT or customs, guidance during structural changes (new trade flows, legal reorganisations, implementation of new accounting software, etc.) and filing requests for rulings, ...
  • Support during a tax audit or during a dispute with the VAT or customs administration
  • The execution of VAT or customs formalities for periodic declarations and related returns
  • Training and support with regard to VAT and customs issues
  • Coordination of international VAT and customs compliance projects
  •  ...

More information about international VAT and customs developments

Through the global consolidation of knowledge and regular consultation, we have acquired indispensable information and experience, and we monitor VAT and customs developments daily. We invite you to download Indirect Tax News, our regular newsletter.