• Company Law

    Founding a company or setting up a new branch.
    What is the best or most suitable company form?’

Company Law

Every company form entails its own specific rights and obligations. Even more important is the extent of liability, in the event that your business doesn’t quite run as expected. Our legal experts have experience with a wide range of scenarios; in Belgium as well as abroad. This is particularly convenient if you are considering a takeover, for example. Or if you would like to start a branch outside of Belgium.

Of course, before we start giving you advice or making you a proposal, we need to know what your ambitions are - and the driving force behind them. What are your strategic business goals, your personal sources of motivation? A company is more than a legal vehicle or framework. The input has to match the output. And clear agreements need to be made between partners and shareholders. If all the pieces come together, this needs to be reflected in the legal aspect as well, and on paper.

Committed, solution-oriented

Thanks to its global network BDO masters company law in numerous countries. Not to mention that establishing a company transcends the legal aspect. Just think about the
interface between the tax  and financial issues, as well as the obligations and formalities. That’s knowledge we also have in-house. Our legal experts enjoy close contact with their tax consultant and corporate finance adviser colleagues, and will, of course, also run everything past your own registered auditor or accountant. Consultation and commitment are not empty phrases but are essential to being able to propose accurate and effective solutions. Highly pragmatic and independent above all.

Once the company is ready to go, the real work can start. (e.g. corporate housekeeping) Our experts will assist your company in its day-to-day operations. There’s no need to be concerned about all the obligations ad formalities. Our specialists will monitor this diligently, accurately and directly. And up to date, as well. After all, regulations do tend to change quite rapidly in Belgium!

What kind of advice are you looking for?


  • Establishment of companies and branches
  • Amendment to the Articles of Association
  • Restructuring and reorganisation 
  • Dissolution and winding up of companies
  • Takeover support
  • Drawing up shareholders’ agreements
  • General issues concerning company law