• Employment -
    Tax and Legal Aspects

    “I am seeking to put the right person in the right place.
    I prefer to leave all other formalities to specialists.”

Employment - Tax and Legal Aspects

My greatest concern when recruiting new employees? That they have the right qualities and fit in with our company culture. It goes without saying of course! Let the tax and legal experts of BDO handle all the preconditions and formalities associated with tax, social security and labour law. After all, these are their strong points, at both domestic and international level.

Is your remuneration policy efficient and cost-effective?

Just because your HR department has found the “one in a million’ candidate doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels. After all, the financial impact of a recruitment or salary policy are all aspects that jointly determine your operational capacity. Our experienced specialists use creative, innovative methods to arrive at an up-to-date, optimal and well-balanced remuneration and compensation model for all your employees, in tax and parafiscal terms, in mutual consultation with you. In this case, it doesn’t matter if they are on the payroll or are self-employed, in Belgium or abroad, or are workers or managers.

Compliant and tailored to your situation

Is your recruitment and remuneration policy strategically up to date? If so, the next step concerns the operational execution and follow-up of the formalities. Are you well informed of the latest amendments in labour law? Are you certain that your social security position and tax treatment was classified correctly? Have you filled out the right documents with regard to formalities? Is there anything you may have overlooked in light of your foreign employees?

With its pragmatic approach, BDO is perfectly positioned to offer you the assistance you need. Whether you are a big company with an extensive HR department seeking a partner to work out the details, a smaller organisation with limited in-company expertise, or a foreign company operating in Belgium for the first time with no prior experience in the field of Belgian legislation, BDO can offer you custom professional services, tailored to your needs and taking into consideration all parafiscal, tax and labour law-related obligations.

BDO will help you with what you’re looking for

Apart from operational support, you can also rely on our know-how for specific tax and legal advice in the field of domestic and international employment, such as:

  • The optimisation of remuneration structures and variable and equity-based compensation (employees, managers, independent professions, self-employed)
  • Setting up your own company
  • The three pillars of the Belgian pension system
  • Concurrent employment in multiple countries (salary split)
  • The consequences of working abroad in terms of tax, social security and labour law (secondment, transfers, international treaties, immigration obligations, OSSO, BADC, etc.)
  • Individual and collective labour law (contracts, dismissal, social elections, part-time employment, time credit, etc.)
  • Compliance with tax and social security obligations
  • Payroll
  • Etc.

You can also approach us for specific questions regarding domestic and international employment. You will find more information about this here: (link naar II.7)

More information about international mobility

Through the global consolidation of knowledge and regular consultation, we have acquired indispensable expertise and experience, and we monitor international employment developments daily. We invite you to download Expatriate Newsletter, our periodical newsletter. Thanks to the high-performance international network of BDO offices, we can offer you assistance not only in Belgium, but also in more than 150 countries across the globe.

Our experts will put your HR policy on the right track!