• International Tax Advice

    ‘I want to focus entirely on international growth
    and prefer to leave my tax concerns to the experts.
    Everyone has their own area of expertise’.

International Tax Advice

Are you ready for the biggest upheaval in international taxation of the past few decades?

Tax legislation is complex at local, regional and national levels. Making the right decisions will become even more difficult when you are doing - or planning to do - business abroad. In that case, European and international tax rules apply:

  • Are you certain that you are up-to-date on tax-related consequences and that you satisfy all your tax obligations?
  • Are you making use of every available legal and tax-related opportunity?
  • Are you aware of the impact that the most comprehensive upheaval in international taxation in decades (‘BEPS’) will have on your business?
  • Are you aware of the impact of a relocation abroad or in Belgium?

You are looking for sustainable international tax support

Our international tax experts have all the expertise needed to offer their Belgian clients and entities abroad the support they need with international tax issues.

These issues could be related to holding and financing, supply chain, intellectual property rights, international employment, cross-border restructuring, immovable property, international succession and business transfer.

All with respect for borders. Our experts understand and make the best use of the tax rules that apply in various countries or jurisdictions. This needn’t entail high-tech, aggressive tax strategies, quite the opposite. Nobody wants to put the reputation of his or her business on the line. We channel our energies into keeping a close eye on the most recent evolutions in tax rules and case law. We convert tax legislation into customised and, above all, pragmatic advice. You can be assured of constant partner dedication at the highest level.

Perhaps you would like to outsource the coordination of your global tax compliance? BDO has all the necessary technology and tools on hand to monitor your compliance worldwide.

Up-to-date information and knowledge will result in sustainable tax planning, that is both workable and correct. And... it offers security and peace of mind.

More than 10,000 tax specialists in over 150 countries

Thanks to its global network BDO masters tax regulations that apply in more than 150 countries. For a number of countries, BDO even has a special country desk (USA, UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and China).

Our multidisciplinary team of international tax consultants will assess your compliance with current and ‘future’ tax legislation, ready to make any adjustments if necessary, in line with your risk profile and activities. Of course, all of this is carried out in consultation with your accountant, registered auditor or other partners.

BDO will help you with what you’re looking for

  • International tax compliance and advice
  • Transfer pricing
  • Indirect taxes
  • Move of private individuals abroad (tax, social security, labour law)
  • Family asset management support

Put your business on the right international track

Through the global consolidation of knowledge and regular consultation, we have acquired indispensable information and experience, and we monitor international tax developments daily. We would like to invite you to download World Wide Tax News, our periodical newsletter.