• Labour Law &
    Social Security Law

    ‘When it comes to employing people, just follow the rules.’ Right?’

Labour Law & Social Security Law

It can’t be that difficult, can it? But how do you best align this employment with the needs of your company? And how do you comply optimally with the statutory provisions? Employment issues is a huge challenge: complying with and keeping up to date on legislation, determining suitable remuneration for employees - with terms of employment that conform to the market within the statutory provisions. Whether in Belgium or abroad, and regardless of the employee’s profile (young, 45+, temporary, full-time, etc.).

Without the right information you can’t make a well-founded decision. How do theory and practice converge in this? How are regulations with regard to labour law and social security combined with tax and financial provisions? These often go hand in hand, after all.

Committed and flexible

Our greatest strength lies in our multidisciplinary approach. Our legal experts keep abreast of all new developments in labour law and case law. They master all the procedures and legal instruments (both Belgian and international) that determine where and to whom you have to pay your social security contributions and taxes. They also know which labour law you must apply to your foreign employee(s), both collectively and individually and taking into account your strategy and objectives. They act flexibly and pragmatically, and above all in a relaxed social environment.

If you are still faced with a conflict or need to negotiate with the trade unions, don’t worry. Our labour law experts will help you to limit the impact (also on your image and reputation) to the absolute minimum.

What are you looking for?

Engage our experts for legal HR advice and support. They will provide pragmatic solutions and a feasible implementation, tailored to your issue or demands.

  • Employment contracts
  • Annualised working time arrangements and flexibility
  • Employment regulations and policy (whistle-blowers, email, extra-legal holiday)
  • Support with regard to dismissals (legal and financial obligations, negotiations, concluding settlements)
  • Non-recurrent collective bonus plan
  • Joint committee and sectoral provisions
  • Social elections and the operation of consultation bodies, both in terms of advice and concrete support (works council/workplace health and safety committee, trade union delegation)
  • Support in the event of restructuring, collective redundancy, multiple dismissals, motivational policy, outsourcing, takeover of personnel in the event of a merger, demerger or asset deal: statutory obligations, budgeting, support with regard to strategy and negotiations with representative employees’ organisations
  • Temporary employment and other forms of employment (‘body shopping’)
  • Social security for employees (contributions and statutory payments) and self-employed workers (contributions and statutory payments), and additionally social security law aspects related to extra-legal insurances
  • False employments and false self-employment
  • Consultancy and management agreements
  • Optimisation of the articles of association and remuneration; also variable remuneration and other benefits (‘compensation & benefits’)
  • International salary-split employment and social security
  • Social measures in relation to the coronavirus
  • Etc.

You can also appeal to our experts’ specific knowledge in the field of:

  • Immigration (inbound): advice with regard to legislation in respect of aliens and permits (work permits for employees/professional cards for self-employed workers)
  • Secondment abroad (outbound)
  • Social security due diligence with regard to personnel
  • HR screening and analysis of social-legislative compliance on the part of the employer towards its personnel and government bodies
  • Payroll administration, under your own management or in coordination with a social secretariat