• Local Tax Advice for companies

    According to my accountant, I never pay too much in taxes. Great work, but is my position sustainable in the long run and how do I anticipate tomorrow’s (tax) challenges?’

Local Tax Advice for Companies

Your tax affairs deserve sustainable solutions and personal involvement

Every year tax legislation gets increasingly complicated, which isn’t news really. What is (relatively) new is that domestic tax legislation becomes increasingly determined by international tax rules, the pursuit of fiscal transparency and the sustainability of a company’s tax strategy and tax risk management. It’s not easy to cope with all these challenges and to manage the risks, costs and administration.? You might rely on your local accountant’s support but have you asked yourself “Does my accountant master European and international regulations as well as (s)he does those that are local, regional or national?” Additionally, (s)he may have more - or even much more - to do than simply keeping your tax policy in a healthy state of balance.

Tax issues are, in principle, about figures and rules, but at BDO we look beyond that. We understand that there are people behind those issues. You can count on our knowledge and expertise for every tax related question that you encounter, whether as a private individual or with regard to your company. But what you can count on most of all is our personal long-term commitment. Taking this personal relationship as a starting point, we are happy to look after your interests and ensure that the positions you take are defendable and future proof.

We search for sustainable, long-term solutions. We convert tax law and regulations into customised advice for your personal or business situation: workable and efficient. In a correct credible and sustainable way for your organisation or business.

More than 100 Belgian tax consultants and lawyers look after your private and professional interests

It is precisely because (Belgian) tax law is so complex with rules subject to constant change that this offers so many opportunities. On the condition, of course, that the tax assistance is undergirded by extensive practical experience and the correct insights into every aspect of material that is - nevertheless - sensitive. Nobody wants to put the reputation of his or her business on the line. And neither do we!

Our multidisciplinary team of tax consultants - both generalists and experts in specific tax disciplines - contribute to solutions where you will not always expect them, for example, where your private and professional assets overlap. Of course, all of this is carried out in consultation with your accountant, registered auditor or other stakeholders. Our solutions are customised to your situation, and our experts are also available abroad, for those who hope to expand beyond Belgium’s borders. Thanks to its global network which extends across 167 countries, BDO masters tax regulations in most countries across the globe. You will receive clear advice on every issue that might pop up during expansion abroad. With 91,000 people working from +/- 1,660 offices, we’re all working towards one goal: to provide our clients with an exceptional service.

BDO will help you with assistance for what you’re looking for:

  • Start-up of your activities
  • Tax compliance obligations
  • Tax audits (throughout the tax procedure as well)
  • Management and reporting of tax risks
  • Development of a sustainable tax strategy
  • Requests for preliminary rulings
  • Advice with regard to various tax incentives
  • Corporate reorganisations (merger - demerger)
  • Tax due diligence and pre as well as post acquisition preparation/integration
  • Pension advice
  • Tax accounting

Specialisations in the area of tax advice

BDO also has tax advisers who are specialised in a specific field of expertise:

  • Indirect taxes: family asset management support: inheritance law, matrimonial property law, gift and inheritance tax, and related tax and other regulations
  • International tax support
  • International mobility: tax and legal advice with regard to international employment
  • Transfer Pricing