• M&A Support

    Do you intend to sell your company or do you consider buying a company or acquiring a majority or a minority stake in a company? Ask our M&A experts for assistance.

M&A Support

Completing an M&A transaction, be it through a share deal or an asset deal, is quite a complex and technical process, but there is a lot more to it. In order for a transaction to be successful, there are many matters that need to be taken into consideration beyond the technical aspects of the transaction (including from a legal, tax, employment or financial point of view): ups and downs of the negotiation process, increased workload for the CEO and managers as they need to keep running the company while conducting the acquisition or sale process, emotional impact when selling the family business, need to preserve the social environment within the company, …

Our approach

Our experts will advise you and stand by your side throughout the acquisition or sale process. They will draft or review all agreements and documentation required to complete the transaction, including the NDA, the letter of intent, the share purchase agreement (SPA) or asset purchase agreement, the services agreements, the bank guarantee or the escrow agreement, and any shareholders’ agreement. And they will also organise the ‘signing’ and ‘closing’ process.

In this type of transaction, not only will you benefit from our technical skills and expertise gained from dozens of transactions we have handled in the past, but you can also count on the dedication of our experts at every stage of the transaction process.

Where we make a difference

BDO stands apart as our experts can provide a broad range of services for any M&A process, - with regard to legal matters (company law, contract law, employment, tax, intellectual property, …) and financial matters (financial analysis, valuation of your company or the target company, setting up of an auction process, …).

We also carry out due diligence and vendor due diligence (VDD) investigations (as regards finance, tax, legal, employment, IP and other matters).

And when it comes to international transactions, our network consisting of BDO offices in over 160 countries around the world will provide all assistance we may need.