• Payroll

    ‘I had a legal question about fringe benefits.
    It took several days before I got an answer from my payroll office.’


Payroll administration is payroll administration, right? Exactly. But what if you have a question about a legal or tax issue? A question about dismissal (labour law, social security) , for example, or shareholder agreements (company law) is immediately forwarded to the appropriate in-house experts at BDO. Similarly, our specialists are engaged in tackling complex tax issues, whether they are individual or in the interest of the entire company. Our greatest strength lies in our multidisciplinary, integrated approach. You can rely on this.

Here in Belgium or abroad for t. If you, as an international group or company abroad, employ Belgian nationals, finding your way around the complex Belgian regulations and formalities correctly and accurately is not always easy. If you are operating the other way around, our experts will be happy to assist you in matters relating to international employment

Pragmatic, to the point

But let’s get back to your payroll administration. It’s up to you. You can either ask our specialists to take care of your monthly payroll under their own management, or we can take care of this in cooperation with your external payroll provider (sociaal secretariaat). If you opt for this form of cooperation, we offer advice and support for highly specific aspects related to Belgian labour or social security law: pragmatically, proactively, and to the point.

There’s more! If you wish, we can compile your reports in French or in Dutch, or in both. The same applies to the drafting of payslips, accounting documents, individual accounts, tax forms, and so on.

What are you looking for?

Our payroll experts can take care of your entire payroll processing with regard to:

  • Social Security contributions
  • Withholding tax
  • The gross salaries and performance of all your employees and company managers
  • All accompanying registrations and returns