• Tax Management for the private individual

    “Obviously, I don’t want to pay more personal or corporation tax than I have to.”

Tax Management for the Private Individual

Where do you draw the line between your business life and your personal life? What do you own and what does the company own? And what about the tax authorities? Are all your auditors singing from the same hymn sheet? How to structure your investments from a fiscal point of view? How to best organise your real estate projects? Do you make the most of your management company? The tax laws have become so complex - local, regional, national, international - that only the experts have mastered every aspect. Not only that, but the rules (and the grey areas) are constantly changing. The same is true for your personal tax.

BDO offers sustainable tax guidance

An accurate and proper processing of your figures offers you more than you might expect, such as peace of mind just to start with. And the knowledge that there are no skeletons in the cupboard. Our tax specialists enjoy a good reputation with the tax inspectors, thanks to their thorough knowledge and relevant experience. And because they don’t use the very latest, tax aggressive technology. Deliberately so. They prefer solutions which are sustainable in the short or long term, i.e. workable and efficient. More importantly, these solutions meet your specific needs, your wishes and your personal vision of the future.

Experience and authority of a multidisciplinary team

Our fiscal team is made up of generalists and experts, people who have become skilled in one particular area, such as family asset planning. Thanks to our multidisciplinary cooperation they can suggest improvements and changes in areas you might not necessarily expect. For example, where your private and professional assets overlap. in both the national and international context.

What kind of advice are you looking for?

  • Help with a tax return or inspection;
  • Switch from private to public;
  • Family asset management;
  • Structuring of immovable property;
  • Transfer of a company within a family or to third parties;
  • Structuring of your shareholding interests
  • Structuring of immovable property & investments
  • Assistance & tax optimisation of your management company
  • Regularisation