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Positive disruption

We have a collective responsibility for a long list of forest fires, hurricanes, floods and droughts that are more frequent and more severe than decades ago due to the heating up of the atmosphere and which cause mass suffering. Moreover, climate change can exacerbate other challenges, such as increasing inequality, the growing conflicts and insecurity, the depletion of natural resources, and the threat to vulnerable ecosystems. There is no alibi that exonerates us as human beings from the impact we ourselves are causing. There is only one solution: living differently and doing business in a socially responsible manner and also sustainably. With respect for everyone’s well-being and for the limits of our planet.

In the very beginning, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) amounted to philanthropy. Over the years, the content has been expanded several times: from “nice to have” to “licence to operate” to “shared value”. Today, profit is no longer the unique indicator of a company’s performance. The way in which we as a company tackle social and environmental challenges also counts. Today, this “shared value” is an integral part of BDO's business strategy and becomes unmistakably tangible in every fibre of our DNA. The transition to a new and more sustainable development model is a structural challenge that we, as a responsible company, take on for ourselves, for our customers and for society. With as a common thread the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Fundamentally, sustainability evolves into a personal narrative that we collectively bear and convey. Inspired and enthusiastically driven by a sustainability team of employees, ambassadors and working groups from all areas of expertise at all levels, who simultaneously monitor the objectives and guide the initiatives. In its actions, sustainability reinforces the positive impact of our company and reduces our negative footprint. And what initially feels like a limitation often ultimately translates into market opportunities that we invariably test against three factors: environment, social and governance. In this way, we are disrupting the traditional business model in a positive way, obliging ourselves to keep innovating and strengthening our employer brand.

Read our 2nd sustainability report and you will understand what we mean.

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