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28 avril 2021

BDO approaches ‘Centre of Excellence’ as  making our customers fit for purpose, fit for   future by supporting them through three transformations:Reducing complexity and waste in processesMaking sure your culture makes use of the collective intelligence and continuous improvement mindsetBeing...

28 avril 2021

Brexit is now a done deal, so we can move on from preparing to coping with the actual situation. Whether you are now in a state of damage control or busy looking for perfection to increase your competitiveness, BDO Customs can help you to tackle the challenges you are (and will be) facing as of 1...

12 février 2021

In an increasingly digital and connected world, cyber threats are growing in complexity and scale. As traditional security concepts and compliance based controls no longer provide sufficient protection against hackers, organisations face market and regulatory pressure to take their cyber...

15 juin 2020

The DAC6 Directive obliges intermediaries and taxpayers to report information on certain cross-border arrangements. As the reporting obligation is implemented differently in the EU Member States and non-compliance may result in severe penalties, it is ok for intermediaries and taxpayers to manage...

26 mai 2020

Cyber threats have emerged as a systematic concern for the financial sector, and especially for the Financial Market Infrastructures (FMI’s), because of their unique role and characteristics. In this context, the ECB has imposed the financial sector to comply with multiple cyber resilience...

13 mai 2020

This report was prepared by Mathieu Luypaert, Professor of Corporate Finance and M&A at Vlerick Business School and Gianni Spolverato, Doctoral Researcher at Vlerick Business School. The authors thank all survey respondents for their participation, and Hugo Bovesse, Veerle Catry, Houari Chaib...

15 avril 2020

In the last weeks, both our personal and professional lives have been severely affected by the global spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Business is disrupted, the (temporarily) unemployment rate has risen quickly, and even though the impact on the global economy is still unknown, there is no...

18 février 2020

In our digitally-driven society, cybersecurity is an essential element in ensuring both data integrity and privacy. Nearly every organization is going through some form of digital transformation to enhance data access, increase the speed to market, and reduce operational expenses. Unfortunately...

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