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05 mars 2021

From funding a project to investing in people and assets, when you’re ready to embark on your innovative journey, your projects need capital – and quite a lot of it.

06 octobre 2020

The Global Tax Outlook 2020 provides a report back from BDO’s new international research programme on Tax. It's touching on the most common issues business leaders are grappling with in Tax, today and looking 2-5 years ahead.

13 juillet 2020

This is BDO’s second 2020 European survey: Ensuring a leadership position in 2025 was published in February - before the COVID-19 crisis broke globally - and, with such unprecedented change occurring in a very short space of time, BDO set out to reengage with European business leaders to...

03 juillet 2020

Le Covid-19 a complètement bouleversé notre manière de travailler. Mais en quoi consistait exactement ce changement ? Et que pouvons-nous en tirer comme leçon après quelques mois ?

12 février 2020

European businesses find themselves facing a growing number of challenges. Over the last 5 years, the European economy has grown on average less than 2% per year and the medium-term outlook is a modest GDP growth of just 1.4% per year in 2020 and 2021. How do businesses intend to maintain their...

05 novembre 2019

De notre dernière étude (2018) sur la problématique de la fraude en entreprise, il ressortait que trop peu d’entre elles sont conscientes du risque de fraude auquel elles sont exposées. La presse généraliste n’aborde le sujet qu’en cas de fraude particulièrement grave touchant des multinationales...

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