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27 januari 2021

In September 2017, the management team of WPG Belgium, supported by an group of Flemish investors, realized the management buy-out of Standaard Uitgeverij out of the WPG group. In October 2019, Standaard Uitgeverij and Ballon Media bundled forces to become the biggest publisher in Belgium and the...

30 december 2020

In the context of a contemplated shareholder restructuring, BDO has conducted a valuation analysis to determine the fair value of the shares of BeeBonds.

20 maart 2020

The Herstal-based ICT company NRB recently acquired People & Technology, a service company based in Brabant Wallon and mainly active in Brussels and Wallonia. As buy-side advisor, BDO Corporate Finance assisted and supported NRB throughout the acquisition process.  

27 februari 2020

BDO Corporate Finance performed the valuation of two advertising agencies and helped the client setting up the three-year financial plan of a new holding company.

18 december 2019

BDO Corporate Finance performed the valuation of the shares of the Belgian company I.B.I.S, on request of I.B.I.S’ management. Both traditional (DCF and multiples methods) and industry specific (portfolio value determination based on the commissions and a coefficient specific to the insurance...

13 december 2019

Ecosol+, a HVAC firm located in Peer which installs energy techniques, has been acquired by Koen Geebelen and Stéphanie Légat. The acquisition is a new challenge in the professional careers of the acquirers. The Corporate Finance and Legal team of BDO advised the MBI candidates during the whole...

12 december 2019

Pythagoras, an engineering firm located in Ninove which provides site monitoring services, has been acquired by Sweco Belgium. The acquisition is said to strengthen the effectiveness in site monitoring. The corporate finance and legal team of BDO advised the shareholder of Pythagoras during the...

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