• Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2021

06 december 2021

This sustainability report describes why and how we address and implement sustainability at BDO Belgium. The report covers our ambitions and objectives, the roadmap we have defined on how to get there, the targets we have set for ourselves and the progress made so far.

The content of our sustainability report is based* on the reporting framework as disclosed by the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum. Our sustainability strategy, and more specifically our material areas truly form the heart of our report and the majority of our report will be devoted to how we defined our material areas, the strategy we have set in place for each of them and our progress and main achievements.

BDO Belgium first published a sustainability report last year, with reporting period being the fiscal year 2020. As we now have a more mature sustainability policy in place, with a clear governance structure and a clear focus, and gained more experience and knowledge in the domain of (corporate) sustainability, the format has changed. Although this makes the comparability of our two reports harder, we believe this format allows us to focus more on and to describe in more detail our material topics and makes it easier to integrate the WEF IBC core metrics.

The reporting period for this report covers fiscal year 2021, running from October 1st 2020 until September 30th 2021, except for the CO2 emissions, where we will cover the emissions from fiscal year 2020 (October 1st 2020 – September 30th 2021) due to a delay in calculation and the set-up of a new tool to track our emissions.