• BDO Global Employer Services News October 2021

BDO Global Employer Services News October 2021

31 October 2021

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The BDO Global Employer Services News provides a brief overview of issues affecting international assignees, predominantly, but not exclusively, from a tax and social security perspective.

Global Employer Services News brings together individual country updates over recent months. As you will appreciate, the wealth of changes across multiple jurisdictions is significant so to provide easily digestible information we have kept it to the key developments that are likely to affect your business and international assignees.


  • Belgium and LuxembourgThe 24 day-rule between Belgium and Luxembourg: as of 2022 up to 34 days  
  • Canada: COVID-19 and medical expense tax credit
  • Netherlands: 2022 Tax Budget
  • United Kingdom: 
    • Health and Social Care levy - how it will work
    • Swiss Convention on Social Security Coordination
  • United States: Initial Tax Proposals Released from the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee

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