• To The Point 01/2021

To The Point 01/2021

17 May 2021

In this issue: 

  • The future is today
    BDO integrates Beirens & Wellens
  • How healthy will your company emerge from the COVID-19 crisis?
    Check your health with our 7P Diagnostic Tool
  • House of HR: “It has been a tough but amazing year!”
  • Beyers Koffie: “No people, no cup of coffee!”
  • Astra Sweets: “Switching in the short-term with a view to the long-term strategy.”
  • Cofinpar: “Fear is a bad counsellor.”
  • Pay less tax on French dividends
  • How to value a company in uncertain times?
  • Ready for the whistleblowers?
    Reporting system mandatory by the end of 2021
  • Programme Law contains 7 new tax measures
  • Municipal mergers - Do they make sense?
    BDO’s benchmark study confirms merger opportunities
  • Are you ready for the post-Brexit era?
    VAT, customs, GDPR and worker mobility
  • Real-time accounting
    Digital link between manager and accountant
  • New social measures in the Programme Law
  • Lifelong learning with BDO Academy
  • Belgian foundations on the rise
    New rules make the legal form more attractive
  • Building a sustainable future together!
  • New annual tax on securities accounts
  • New Year's Party
  • “You create the perfect job yourself!”
    Marion Debruyne and Katleen De Stobbeleir about career myths
  • “Entrepreneurship comes down to: those who don’t dare, don’t win.”
    Top entrepreneur Jürgen Ingels publishes his experiences
  • BDO Insights
  • Vacancies