• To The Point 02/2021

To The Point 02/2021

25 November 2021

In this issue:

  • People helping people
    Opinion Peter Van Laer
  • The future belongs to the young
    Young BDO unites young talent within BDO Belgium
  • Step into the future today
    BDO partners with the Living Tomorrow innovation campus
  • BDO Advisory: multidisciplinary expertise for all your business challenges
  • Green mobility: what changes in terms of tax?
  • Split purchase of real estate: current situation in the 3 regions
  • ‘No plan is a plan to fail’
    9 steps to a solid business plan
  • Waiving commercial rent: after fiscal clarity, now also accounting clarity
  • Local presence is key
    BDO partners with fiduciary Dekegeleer in Hainaut
  • Teleworking from abroad: tax and legal consequences and risks
  • Data analysis and management: friend or foe?
  • Retain talent in your company!
    With stock options or other employee participations
  • The reconstruction reserve: is your company eligible?
  • ‘Employee engagement’: a fine example of pure craftsmanship
  • 100 metres for equal rights
  • Customs: complex or challenging?
  • Breakfast for sustainability
  • Starters start in Ostend
  • BDO Insights
  • Vacancies