• To The Point 01/2022

To The Point 01/2022

19 April 2022

In this issue: 

  • War for well-being
    Opinion Peter Van Laer
  • From ego to eco
    The path to a sustainable business model
  • Plastiflex: aspiring to circular production
  • Sustainable (green) mobility
    Tax alternatives to the company car
  • Roadmap towards a sustainable fleet
    Tools and best practices
  • Sopadis: “Sustainable mobility is not a clear-cut issue.”
  • Would you leave your home’s back door open?
    Security boost to the websites of businesses and governments fails to materialise
  • Aerospace, a source of inspiration for BDO
    The astronaut in business angel Jürgen Ingels
  • Cash flow management
    Simple yet essential insights
  • Tax Assurance and Risk Management
    Towards a culture with no surprises
  • New special tax regime for expatriates
    The deadline of 31/07/2022 is approaching
  • What, exactly, are net assets?
    ‘Alarm bell’ procedures in critical situations
  • Helping to drive your future
    Partnership with innovation campus Living Tomorrow
  • Promoting well-being together
    Well-being management platform keeps its finger on the pulse of employees’ well-being
  • Come have a drink in our new office bar in Zaventem
  • Exposition To The Point freelance photographer Danielle Rombaut
  • Introducing: the BDO Band!
  • Insights
  • Vacancies