• Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2022

07 June 2023

The content of our sustainability report is based on the reporting framework as disclosed by the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum. Our report covers who we are, why sustainability is important to us and how we approach it. We also take a deep dive into each of  
our material areas, our ambitions and action plan and our achievements so far.

This report covers our sustainability efforts from the fiscal year of 2022, i.e. from 1 October 2021 until 30 September 2022. Except for our CO2 emissions, those are covered from the fiscal year of 2021 (October 1st 2020 – September 30th 2022) due to a delay in the calculation and set-up of a new tracking tool.

BDO Belgium first published a sustainability report in 2021. This year we drastically changed the format of our report to better reflect the continuous effort we put into the topic, the lessons we learned and as preparation for the upcoming European non-financial reporting laws and frameworks. 
Although this makes the comparability of our two reports harder, we believe this new format allows us to provide both qualitative and quantitative information while also reporting in line with a chosen standard.