• 7P model: a quick health check for your organisation

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7P model: a quick health check for your organisation

06 April 2021

As businesses enter the most challenging phase of the global health crisis, their ability to adapt will be key to succeed in the new reality. To help you be better prepared to navigate this potentially rocky road, our BDO experts have developed a diagnostic tool, called the 7P model, to assess your business performance and market position and rethink your strategy by cross-checking that you are focusing on the right core business functions, now and in the near future.

The 7P model: what is it?

The 7P model is a diagnostic tool to help you realise your business potential in the post-pandemic era. The model identifies the seven core business functions impacted by the global health crisis, which are the internal factors that need to be optimised – and realised - in order to ensure that an organisation can successfully adapt to the new reality.

More specifically, the model focuses on the following aspects:

1. People: all about WHO

  • Protecting, retaining, and motivating a workforce

2. Processes: all about WHAT

  • Reframing operations, transactions, and interactions

3. Purpose: all about WHY

  • Finding why that will keep business resilient

4. Profit: all about ROI

  • Reconsidering a financial strategy that is aligned to the new reality

5. Performance: all about HOW

  • Adjusting activity-related initiatives and KPI’s to achieve goals

6. Productivity: all about RESULTS

  • Ensuring effective operations to stay resilient

7. Place: all about WHERE

  • Rethinking the importance of location and geography in order to adjust to the new reality

The beauty of the 7P model lies in its simplicity. The simple but insightful 7P diagnostic model is effectively a predictive ‘health check’ methodology that will guide you in adapting your strategy during – and beyond - the COVID-19 pandemic. This complex view of your current state also helps us to offer you customised recommendations and tailored solutions and services to optimally support you.

How 7P diagnostic tool works

The 7p diagnostic process consists of 2 parts: a survey and a benchmarking site.

1. Survey

It all starts with the right questions. You will be asked to reflect on the current situation of the market and your organisation within it. This way, we can gather the necessary information needed to benchmark your organisation (see below).

The survey is mobile-friendly and takes only 10 minutes to complete. ​​​​​​​At the end of the survey, you can add your email address to include your input on the benchmark site. Within an hour or so, you will receive an email with a unique response ID and a link to consult your results and compare them to those of your peers.

2. Benchmark

​​​​​​​Once on the benchmark site, your survey scores are immediately calculated and clearly summarised in a ‘spider’ diagram. You can then benchmark your score per ‘P-factor’ with the performance of other respondents, based on sector, country, region and scale.

7p model visual

​​​​​​​The benchmark tool also delivers a list of priority actions based on the survey’s results. The resulting visual is easy to understand and gives a view on which priorities your organisation is ahead or behind on, compared to your own estimation, but also to your peers. In this way, you have a comparison of your strengths and weaknesses versus the benchmark results.

Lastly, the tool also suggests recommendations, for example, on areas for growth or how to gain competitive market advantage.

You can export the into PowerPoint at any point. You can also print the output into a BDO-branded report.

What’s in it for you?

There are numerous compelling reasons why the 7p diagnostic tool can help you drive your business forward:

  • Easy to use – instant results
  • Serves as a conversation starter
  • Enables an understanding of your evolving demands
  • Provides insightful and up to date information on your business
  • Delivers in-depth knowledge on market and industry trends
  • Provides cross-functional solutions
  • Output from the tool will create insightful thought leadership going forward

Don’t wait any longer and check out the 7P model today

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