Cédric Antonelli


BDO Liège

+32 (0)87 69 30 00


Cédric Antonelli has been a CPA since 2008 and partner in the Audit & Assurance Department. He joined the BDO Audit & Assurance team in 2001 and since then has been head of the Forensic & Litigation Support Department within BDO Belgium.

Over the past eight years he has undertaken many expert missions both in Forensic investigations and in analysis of disputes between parties. He acts mainly as a technical adviser in missions such as defence reports relating to charges – accounting fraud, analysis of illegal transactions, analysis of potential conflicts of interest, evaluation of shortfalls, evaluation of loss of opportunity, etc. These missions have been conducted in particular in the energy sector, the retail sector, the insurance and banking sector, the agricultural sector, the gaming sector, telecommunications, the automotive sector and the medical services sector.

Cédric is also the statutory auditor of several companies in various sectors, lecturer at HEC-Ulg (consolidation seminar) and a speaker at seminars on fraud and accounting criminal law.