• Financial Statement Audits

    ‘I should be able to expect my registered or statutory auditor
    to do more than just what is required by law, shouldn’t I?’

Financial Statement Audits

If you were asked what the fundamental conditions for an effective financial audit would be, you would probably answer: an independent approach and mutual trust. Wouldn’t you agree? As a big company or organisation (non-profit organisation, foundation, group of companies, etc.) you are legally required to appoint a statutory auditor who submits a report to the general meeting of shareholders on the annual accounts (whether or not consolidated). However, you are entirely free to choose that statutory auditor or registered auditor yourself.

Here we of course recommend that you pick a statutory auditor who goes beyond merely what is prescribed by law, and also who does not have to take care of everything alone. Quite unsurprising, really. BDO supports its registered auditors with a stable and seasoned team of experts who can access all the other knowledge, specialities and services of the group, whether legal, tax-related or international. Plainly put, BDO is there wherever you carry out business activities, and what could be more convenient for international audits?

Independent and straight-talking

Our statutory auditor performs audits in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA), which are strict professional requirements. However, at the same time he or she gives an independent and frank opinion about the quality of your financial information (are you averse to risks or prepared to take them, for example). There’s no pigeon-holing or keeping to the beaten path, and if any of your operating processes or internal audits can be improved you will be the first to hear about it. At BDO, listening to the advice of an engaged and experienced professional won’t cost you penny.

Of course, nobody will forbid you, even if you are a small business, from voluntarily appointing a statutory auditor for a financial audit. After all, why wouldn’t you if this will help you gain the confidence of stakeholders to whom financial information is so important?

What are you looking for?

  • A stable audit team that can flexibly respond to your schedule
  • An audit partner whom you can ask for advice all year round
  • An easily accessible confidential adviser who is always there to answer your questions - without counting every minute
  • No surprises or delays at the finish line

Universal tool

The registered auditors at BDO use the universal Audit Process Tool (APT) to test the efficiency of your internal audits, taking into consideration the statutory requirements that apply in every country. Thanks to this uniform audit methodology we all speak the same language, regardless of where we are in the world.