• Don’t let cyber threats catch you off guard!
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Don’t let cyber threats catch you off guard!

11 mai 2023

Discover the importance of Third Party Assurance Reporting

Companies worldwide are facing increasingly complex cyber threats and are getting more dependent on technology.

As a response to this evolution, governments across the globe are introducing cyber regulations to keep their citizens and businesses safe and to increase the overall cyber security posture and resilience. 
For example DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) and NIS2 (Network and Information Systems Directive) in the EU , or the SEC Cyber security disclosure in the US.

Do you know which cyber threats your organisation might be vulnerable to? Now more than ever is the time to assess your exposure and protect your employees and your business.

In the flyer below – free to download – our BDO experts in risk, cybersecurity and reporting dive deeper into:

  • The different global cyber regulations
  • The SOC (System and Organisation Controls) for Cyber
  • The importance of Third Party Assurance (TPA) reporting and how BDO can help you

Questions about the content of this flyer or on cyber security in general? Don’t hesitate to contact Christophe Daems, Partner Third Party Assurance at BDO Belgium.