• Inclusive Diversity

    In our differences lies our treasure

Inclusive & Diversity

BDO is a very diverse workplace when it comes to gender, age, educational background, ethnicity, personality… These different talents and perspectives make it possible for us to solve problems and to come up with creative solutions to certain challenges.

Apart from the unbelievable power and added value, diversity also comes with a lot of challenges. For example unconscious biases, a dynamic environment with rapid-changing realities and the sustainability movement. This causes organizations to have to operate in a completely different way. These challenges can only be solved if you have a strong and resilient corporate culture.

This also counts for BDO Belgium. That’s why we are strengthening from Inclusive Diversity (ID) within BDO, an inclusive workplace where all our colleagues can contribute, each with their own uniqueness, with opportunities to grow for everyone at every stage. It’s our ambition to make everyone at BDO feel welcome, heard, valued and respected.


Our 2022 focus areas


Inclusion Diversity BDO Belgium_2 Inclusion Diversity BDO Belgium_2 Inclusion Diversity BDO Belgium_2

Supporting our colleagues with their parentship in the best way possible, striving for a durable work-life integration.

Becoming a stronger company by striving towards more gender balanced teams and leadership

Valuing subculture as a part of our difference and treasure, with the same purpose and values


Our approach


Creating awareness - taking concrete actions - inclusive communication

Inclusive diversity is embedded in the sustainability strategy of BDO Belgium.


Where our entire leadership team is taking up an active role in accelerating ID as learner, amplifier or mentor. In collaboration with KU Leuven, researching if and how subcultures can thrive aligned with the strategies and values of BDO. In collaboration with the KU Leuven identifying together with (to be) parents crucial moments during parentship and how we can support them as BDO. To upgrade our awareness and skills, to support and boost the inclusive diversity culture and to be an advocate of ID.


By doing this BDO is contributing to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals:

Inclusion Diversity BDO Belgium_2


Hand-in-Hand with our Partners


Inclusion Diversity BDO Belgium_2 Inclusion Diversity BDO Belgium_2
Inclusion Diversity BDO Belgium_2 Inclusion Diversity BDO Belgium_2


 Peter Van Laer 

Tessy Martens

Wim Galbusera

Karen Keuleers

“ As CEO, ID is one of the cornerstones of BDO’s future. In our differences lies our treasure.”

As ID lead I am convinced that an inclusive and sustainable approach is the way to thrive together”

“ID is one of the pillars of our human resources strategy, it is where we as an employer make the difference.”

“I truly believe in the value of ID and am proud as BDO sponsor to actively challenge the organisation”.