• Pasta: Recipe Book

Pasta: Recipe Book

30 June 2022

Our house chef Christophe is the one who created the first recipe for our BDO Pasta. We discovered his passion for cooking and grilling meat during his episode in our Ask BDO Series:

“When I cook, I take pleasure in satisfying the taste buds of my family or my guests and I forget about everything else! You don’t need to follow complicated recipes or work with very expensive products to make people happy with your creations."

All you need is fresh ingredients, a recipe that matches your experience and, above all, to taste your food over and over again before serving it. Don't be rigid and don't follow the proposed recipe to the letter. Be innovative and take pleasure in inventing a new recipe based on your imagination and your own desires.

A few months ago, we challenged our BDO Family to create their own pasta recipe. A total of 25 colleagues took up the challenge: Participants ranged from the offices Roeselare, Ghent, Antwerp, Liège, ... and from various business lines ranging from Financial Audit, Accountancy, Strategy & Transformation,…

It was really heart-warming to see that this Pasta Challenge brought our colleagues together at each other's homes, on vacation or together with their families. We also melted at the cute baby photo entry, thank you Ine Heyninckx!

This recipe book bundles all the delicious results.

Have fun with this recipe book and share your creations with us!