• Digitalisation is essential for growth

“Digitalisation is essential for growth”

23 December 2021

Move Intermodal starts its digital journey with BDO Belgium 

Move Intermodal is a Limburg pioneer specialised in intermodal transport solutions. It combines different modes of transport in a flexible and sustainable way to offer integrated transport services throughout Europe from its locations in Genk, Belgium and Novara, Italy. For an optimised flow throughout the entire supply chain, Move Intermodal is investing in digitalisation. 

Realtime insight into transportation 

“It’s essential to thoroughly understand how an organisation is run today and what obstacles block the way to smoother transportation, both for the client as well as for the drivers of the vehicles. Realtime insight in our processes is indispensable,” Tomas Tempelaars, Chief eXcellence Officer (CXO) at Move Intermodal, starts. 

Insight in the entire supply chain is important to make transportation more efficient and to intervene faster. “Not only do we know what happens then, but also why. Just think of a truck that has to arrive and leave loading and unloading bays at fixed times. If the driver gets stuck in a traffic jam, for example, we can immediately inform our client. At the same time, we can contact the other drivers to take an alternative route. Realtime data is absolutely a must for optimal transportation,” Tomas explains. 

Tomas Tempelaars is the head of Move Intermodal’s ‘Excellence Centre’ that informs staff about changes such as why Move decides to go digital and how those changes help employees to maximise their potential – or also: to excel. “The CIO title (Chief Information Officer) didn’t cover that meaning well enough, so I decided to give it a little twist,” Tomas grins. 

Optimising data management with BDO Digital 

Streamlining and digitising every process is quite an assignment. That’s why, in October 2020, Move Intermodal called upon BDO Digital for reinforcement, which they found with Bart Dessent, Transport & Logistics expert at BDO Digital and former colleague of Tomas. 

Until now, Bart gives Move Intermodal general IT advice on the software employed to create a clear and uniform planning system together. Its performance was thoroughly tested by BDO Digital in February 2021. A couple of months later, the team started building a proof of concept (POC) for a data warehouse. Here, all data is saved that Move Intermodal creates directly or indirectly, such as data from the ERP and onboard computers, enabling Move Intermodal to report faster and clearer on the transportation processes. BDO provided the necessary training on concepts such as data lake/warehouse, data modelling in Data Vault and data flows with ETL tooling. 

Currently, BDO Digital continues building the POC to set up the data warehouse in its entirety, including KPI reporting. Moreover, the team will audit Move Intermodal’s ERP provider to test if it meets the standards for software development. 

“To safeguard our future growth and to further evolve in the transport and logistics sector in the long term, BDO contributes to challenging our digital transformation.” – Tomas Tempelaars, CXO at Move Intermodal 

This is why Move Intermodal chose BDO 

“It’s a public secret that the transport and logistics sector needs to transform digitally. It requires profound sector experience as well as digital knowledge. BDO combines these two domains like no other. The team challenges us to go further than we’ve ever gone before,” Tomas says. “BDO’s proactivity and the facility to spar with them helps us to act fast and take decisions. The team’s right beside us, literally and figuratively, so it’s a very pleasant collaboration. It’s safe to say BDO will stay aboard for quite a while.” 

BDO offers the right combination of profound sector experience and digital knowledge to move at rapid speed.” – Tomas Tempelaars, CXO at Move Intermodal

BDO services at Move Intermodal 

  • Performance analysis 
  • Set up data warehouse & training 
  • Streamlining ICT processes
  • Audit ERP provider 
  • Lean implementation & change management 

Want to know more about data management? 

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