• BDO Belgium joins forces with Dekegeleer, the biggest independent accountant in West-Hainaut

BDO Belgium joins forces with Dekegeleer, the biggest independent accountant in West-Hainaut

17 September 2021

Offices in Mouscron as a strategic base to conquer the Eurometropolis Lille-Tournai 

BDO partners with Dekegeleer, the biggest independent accountant in West-Hainaut. Besides joining forces, the consultancy firm also buys premises in the offices of Dekegeleer. With an additional office in Mouscron, BDO has now 12 physical offices in all Belgian provinces to serve its clients. This new location for BDO Belgium is also the perfect base to conquer the Eurometropolis around Lille-Tournai and assure its growth in the following years in the country. 

Earlier this year, BDO extended its accountancy and bookkeeping activities with the acquisition of Beirens & Wellens Accountants and Tax Consultants (B&W) in Antwerp. Today, the consultancy firm partners with the accountant firm Dekegeleer in Wallonia, but it goes beyond just a partnership. BDO also buys premises in the office of Dekegeleer in Mouscron, extending its network of regional offices in Belgium. This approach is in line with BDO’s ambition to be in close proximity to companies or organisations in Belgium. 

“Until today, Hainaut used to be a blind spot for BDO, despite it being a strong economic region. This province has just as much potential as Liège and Limburg, two provinces where we have already built a strong presence. Thanks to our collaboration with Dekegeleer, we now have a strong foothold in the region and at least one office in each province of the country,” Peter Van Laer, CEO of BDO Belgium, says. 

Collaboration with president of Chamber of Commerce in Picardy Wallonia 

The past 35 years, Dekegeleer Accountants has built a strong reputation in the Hainaut business world. Under the leadership of founder Yves Dekegeleer, who is president of the Chamber of commerce in Picardy Wallonia since 2018, the accountants firm gives accounting and tax advice to SMEs, family companies and a number of internationally active companies on a daily basis. 

“Today, our 30 accountants assist about 800 enterprises from our head office in Mouscron, and two satellite offices in Tournai and Mons. Thanks to our collaboration with BDO, we can extend our support for our companies with additional advice on hot business topics such as the new way of working, fraud, cybercrime, and digitisation. This way, the partnership between BDO and Dekegeleer is an asset for all parties.” 
Yves Dekegeleer, CEO of Dekegeleer Accountants 

Eurometropolis as driver for growth 

The collaboration with the biggest independent accountants office in Picardy Wallonia not only appeals to BDO Belgium client-wise. The strategic location – Mouscron is the heart of the Eurometropolis around Lille and Tournai – is also a great asset in BDO’s further growth. 

“Our new office in Mouscron is closely located to the French border. We can now give companies located in both Belgium and France cross-border advice on topics such as company law, social law and tax, together with our colleagues of BDO France.” 
Alexandre Streel, Partner BDO Belgium