• BDO Digital implements Globis innovative Supply Chain Management tool at i+solutions
Case study:

BDO Digital implements Globis innovative Supply Chain Management tool at i+solutions

07 June 2021

i+solutions, an independent non-profit organisation specialising in pharmaceutical supply chain management for developing countries, was in need of a system to monitor their supply chain and procurement. They partnered with BDO Digital to implement the innovative Globis software in order to increase the shipping efficiency between different stakeholders.

Who is i+solutions?

i+solutions distributes essential medicines and health products all over the world to more than 80 countries. By working with contracted partners, such as governmental, private sector, public and charitable organisations, they ensure high quality products for an affordable price and developed health infrastructures to help low- and middle-income countries become resilient societies.

They flexibly adapt to situations that cross their path and apply innovative ways of working, continuously improving service to their clients. They are data focused and highly value transparency and believe that innovation is key to strengthen global health supply chains, hence their innovation hub.

Aim of the project

To further monitor their supply chain and procurement, they partnered with BDO Digital. The aim of the project is to provide end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, in order to efficiently ship different goods (time and cost) between pick-up point and place of delivery. Depending on the incoterms used, this could be the supplier, the developing country, the port, ...

Project scope

The project scope was defined as follows:

  • Register and view quotations, sales orders, purchase orders and shipments in Globis. These are all linked so that visibility is enabled across the entire supply chain.

  • Stock management of both cross-dock and regular magazines in China and the Middle East.
  • Report all milestones in the supply chain process and important KPIs to the customer.
  • Track and enforce the approval process.
  • Report KPI’s to customers.
  • Manage virtual warehouses.
  • Track and enforce the approval process.


During this project, we achieved the following results:

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility within 1 central platform - 1 source of truth – from quote to execution.
  • Centralised inventory management over all i+solutions’ warehouses worldwide
  • Audit trail and solid milestone/KPI reporting

“The 3-party cooperation between Globis, BDO and i+solutions resulted in a successful implementation in a short timeframe. We are very pleased with the professional services provided by both Globis and BDO.”

Wesley Kreft, Director Global Supply Chain

About Globis

Globis, a logtech company, has been developing a data-driven state-of-the-art cloud platform for the intermodal logistic services providers (LSP’s) seeking improved operational and financial control increasing the efficiency and profitability. Through the cloud based modular approach, implementation effort can be tailored and phased allowing investments to be in line with the benefits.

Having its roots in delivering custom developed ERP-projects in BeNeLux, Globis is nowadays a Supply Chain software product company. The Globis software modules and platform have been implemented in more than 20 logistics companies with between 10M EUR and 700M EUR in revenues.

About BDO Digital

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