• “Clear, unambiguous and structured communication is the key to success."

“Clear, unambiguous and structured communication is the key to success."

25 April 2022

BDO helps ISS Facility Services with internal communication around hybrid working.

ISS, global market leader in facility services turned to BDO for assistance in drafting and communicating their new hybrid working policy. The COVID-19 crisis increased the need for clear and unambiguous communication in an environment where both internal and external working relationships are becoming increasingly complex.

The importance of internal communication and an external consultant

According to Dirk Van den Steen, Head of Commercial Excellence at ISS Belgium, there was a lack of clarity among both customers and own employees about the rules surrounding hybrid work: "We were looking for an expert who could support us in drawing up the new policy and the clear communication around it." After all, experience shows that rolling out such a project internally is less obvious than it might seem at first glance. "Communicating internally about the new hybrid working model is indeed not rocket science, but it is still underestimated." In reality, this type of project receives too little time and attention under pressure from the operational business.

"The great advantage of an external expert? You take the time to think through and develop a coherent communication that, moreover, can be flexibly adjusted in function of future evolutions," says Dirk. Despite the fact that some teams within ISS were already applying various new rules, it was still very relevant and useful to get all parties on the same page. BDO's expertise was particularly useful in streamlining the communication between the various departments. The input of an external, independent and neutral expert also had a positive effect on the unanimous support within the ISS management.

Involving every party is crucial

The project was drawn up in close cooperation with the ISS management. On the basis of in-depth interviews with various employees, we got a good picture of the different work situations within ISS. With that feedback, processed in a hands-on report, the board was able to set the new corporate guidelines or policy.

Once the new guidelines were determined, it was important to communicate them in a clear and accessible way to all employees. According to Dirk, the approach of Geert Volders, partner at BDO, was "extremely structured... and thanks to strategic repetition, everything became sharper, clearer and more powerful". Every party within ISS was informed of the guidelines via a webinar with an accompanying 'one-pager'.

Results of the collaboration with BDO

The success of the project was confirmed by the positive reception of the employees. The guidelines were well implemented and for every pertinent question ISS had a clear answer ready. Now the management and executives of ISS Facility Services also know better how to streamline communication between different departments.

For Dirk, plotting and executing this project together with BDO was an efficient, results-oriented collaboration.

"Every company has a lot of different challenges and often you don't give yourself enough time to find the right solutions. By enlisting the help of an external expert with experience and know-how regarding the new model of hybrid working, we freed up the necessary time and the project got the attention it deserved."

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