• Public Sector

Public Sector

Our tools are based on theoretical models. We convert them into workable tools for you that quickly help you get going in practice. We will not give you long-winded advice where you understand nothing, but workable, manageable and understandable advice that is fully geared to your needs. 

Tailor-made to your expectations 

The guidance of your employees is tailor-made to your expectations. This can go from pure coaching, process guidance and training to complete outsourcing. We do not work separately from the other projects on-going in your organisation, but adopt an integral approach. The account manager is your fixed point of contact for all your questions. He or she is assisted by specialists for implementing the assignments. 

Broad experience with local authorities 

Because many of our employees come from the public sector, we speak your language. Our broad experience with other public authorities also ensures a transfer of knowledge and enables us to benchmark your problems. 


Our employees are given permanent training and closely monitor new regulations. Our advice is thus always up to date with the most recent legislation.