• Retail


BDO Retail is specialised in providing financial, tax, legal and operational services to enterprises in the retail sector. The BDO Retail Team is multidisciplinary in nature. Its specialists can offer you assistance with a wide range of issues in relation to your strategy, organisation, finances, employees and partnerships.

Just like many other branches of industry, the retail sector is also affected by constant change. BDO aims to help you take up the challenges that accompany these changes. Businesses in the retail sector need to respond successfully to the growing economic shift towards e-commerce, but while still retaining a sufficiently profitable network of brick-and-mortar shops. Even in these circumstances, ongoing compliance with all the applicable regulations is of the essence, e.g. with respect to social security law and administrative matters. Retail enterprises are obliged to continually monitor the efficiency of their processes and optimise these where necessary.

Financial solutions

  • Carrying out financial audits within the context of statutory audits and/or group guidelines
  • Specific audits, such as turnover attestations within the context of lease contracts and recycling obligations
  • Setting up and improving financial (and operational) reporting systems
  • Keeping accounts and accounting support
  • Valuation of your own business units or of other businesses within the context of a possible acquisition or partnership
  • Investigation of possible tax risks in terms of income tax and VAT
  • Tax advice, incl. the application procedure for a ruling
  • Transfer pricing: execution of a benchmarking analysis and drawing up documentation

Organisational and operational solutions

  • Audit of IT systems, both in terms of general setup and specific applications
  • Analysis to determine the correct functioning of various processes
  • Optimisation of business processes
  • Support in change processes

HR solutions

  • Compliance audit with regard to the applicable social security regulations
  • Advice regarding salary conditions and formulation of labour law-related documents
  • Drawing up questionnaires for employee assessment purposes
  • Assessments for specific skills

Strategic solutions

  • Advice on group structure optimisation
  • Execution of analyses and simulations in support of strategic decisions
  • Support for the sale or acquisition of activities or entities
  • Targeted advice and support concerning aspects relating to real estate and financing