• Retail

    “As a retailer, I cannot manage all the ins and outs of my business on my own.”


Retail covers a wide range: from the local convenience store, through small supermarkets to franchise outlets. Whatever the form of your retail business, everyone faces the same fundamental challenges. It is impossible to see past them. Growing competition is leading to ever smaller margins and bankruptcies are the order of the day.

Under pressure from globalisation, every retailer must reinvent its place and role in the chain. More than ever, they need to get to know their customers through and through so that they can focus even more on a positive shopping experience and the changing, “omnichannel” buying behaviour. And to be ready to distribute their products and services both online and via a sufficiently profitable retail network. Moreover, nobody can still get by without a secure and consolidated data infrastructure in which all customer information is secure. But to put that whole story into practice... you can perhaps use some help. Right?

Smart digital

To what extent are your processes and strategy digitally up to scratch? For example, do you use data management and digital solutions to operate at the cutting edge in the complex, highly regulated market - just think of the growing social-law and administrative obligations? Artificial intelligence, automation and innovation help employees and customers to act smarter. More cost efficient too. And they raise the success factor, because a well thought-out data strategy helps focus on what is truly critical in order to achieve maximum return. Financial and social.

 What are you looking for?

Our Real estate sector group forms a multidisciplinary and complementary team of specialists in digital innovation and cybersecurity, audit and financial advice, supported by tax and legal advisers. It has to be so. After all, there are so many facets to running a store (chain) - from the idea, through development, realisation and maintenance to the finding of the investments (in good time).

In short, BDO never suggests just any expert to you. Each assignment requires specific knowledge, skills and operational experience. The better the match with your requirement, the better the expert can help you. And the more efficiently he or she can work together with you. In an open culture underpinned by responsibility and trust. Pragmatic and hands-on.

Knowledge and solutions

A successful retailer cannot possibly manage all the ins and outs of the business alone. He or she surrounds him- or herself with people who help him or her to get the focus and strategic goals clear and to strengthen financial resilience. Why not share the knowledge and know-how? We have in-house specialists with years of experience in numerous companies and sectors. They know the market. Use their knowledge and solutions to