• Healthcare

    “Is my care organisation ready for the future? You can never be ready enough, can you?”


Our care and healthcare system is evolving at lightning speed. You know the trends and challenges: the affordability of healthcare, rising care premiums, the changing and complex regulations, the consumer-patient who is becoming more critical and demanding each day, the increasing claims culture, the breakthrough of e-health, big data in care, privacy and accessibility of the care sector, the growing care networks and complementary collaboration, the scarcity on the labour market, etc. The most important drivers: exponentially increasing technological possibilities, safe working and the need for cost efficiency.

The question is how you as a director, care professional or manager can respond alertly to these trends. In other words: how do you successfully implement concepts such as data-driven work, artificial intelligence and smart care, in which value-based healthcare (also known as outcome-based healthcare) is becoming the norm?

Within this context, full of change and adjustment, care organisations must focus more than ever on the outside and break down silos. Connectivity across the entire continuum of care is becoming the key to success. And when care organisations join forces to elevate care to a higher level, they simultaneously increase the value for their patients and themselves.

Knowledge, experience and solutions

At BDO, we believe that care institutions, such as hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, institutions for the disabled, home care organisations and centres for general wellbeing work (CAWs) can now increase their social relevance with smart efficient choices. That is also the goal of our experienced Healthcare team. Together with colleagues from, among others, the public sector, they translate current developments and insights into targeted advice and, together with your internal experts, support their roll-out.

With which feasible (possibly digital) solutions can we support processes and operations more efficiently? Facilitate collaboration between care institutions and search for cost-efficient care models? The key is to choose solutions that support your strategy towards ‘smart care’ in a meaningful and pragmatic way, and - important! - tailored to and in line with the vision and mission of your organisation or institution. Rely on our experts who are familiar with the valuable technology that is available on the market and have experience in a wide range of companies and sectors. They are happy to assist.

What are you looking for?

Practical advice stands or falls on the manoeuvrability it provides, whether it concerns your care processes, your figures, the labour market or economic reality. We keep pace with what is going on in the market and with the needs and requirements of your institution or organisation.

In other words, you can count on our multidisciplinary team that is in touch with your objectives and your operational, financial, tax, legal and strategic challenges. The external perspective of an experienced sparring partner often sheds a very different light on ‘what is’ and ‘what’s coming’. And sometimes it forces your own experts to look beyond the walls of your own organisation or even sector. Quite inspiring!

Tailored advice, professional and pragmatic. Personal and involved. That is precisely our strength. As a multidisciplinary team, we constantly consult with colleagues who specialise in other related fields such as taxation, labour law, information technology, cyber security, etc. This is also necessary because the complex challenges require an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. Our experts have many years of experience with this. Use their knowledge and solutions for: